How to download, fill out, and send the PDF job application
Note: this process should work in all up-to-date browsers.

Step 1: Click the PDF JOB APPLICATION button shown above or below.

pdf job application  

Step 2: A new tab will open with the job application. Click in the gray fields to fill in each field for document. Example shown below:

Step 3: Next, click the Printer icon button in the upper section of the document viewer. A Print dialog will show, change the destination to 'Save as PDF'. Next, click Save in the Print dialog. It should then prompt you to save to your local Desktop. Example shown below:

Step 4: After you have saved the document as a PDF to your local Desktop, Open the document you saved in a browser to ensure the information saved correctly in the document (job application).

Step 5: Send the document (job application) as an attachment in an email with the email header as 'Job Application - [position] - [your name]'